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A nod of the hat to the liquid rhythms that make us feel great.

“A ripple of necessity.”

Cord & Roy is the growing space of a want to better enjoy our beachside journeys. Bringing positive impact and safety to playing under our sunny skies, we aim to develop and produce functional sea-worthy attire that stands up to the elements of time, salt & sea .”- Sophie Wilkins, Shred Lord & Co-Founder.

As avid (and occasionally over-sunned) surf-rats we know the importance of looking after our body in any way we can. Cord & Roy is dedicated to helping us prolong our time in the sea bringing a style and playfulness to doing the things we love. A place to play, share and entertain the thoughts of beachside culture to all who care to drink from the kool-aid. A brand that takes the sun seriously and fashions lightly. Drop in, tune away and share the peaceful pace of slip-sliding on a punchy 1ft'er wherever you are. Enjoy the show.

Born on the Northern Beaches.

Founded by Danielle Nieuwendyk and Sophie Wilkins.

Having both experienced the harshness of the sun and pleaded mercy to its bright burning rays, they knew that if they wanted to continue surfing (until at least 95), they needed to be sun smart and sun safe. 

They searched the planet for Stylish hats that were mindfully made and stood up to the power of mother ocean.

When they were unable to find one, CORD & ROY was born.

Surfer-owned, enjoyed by all.

We are a female owned, independent, self-funded and determined brand out to create modern, sustainable surfwear for all.

"CORD & ROY" is a testament to days of watching and waiting for the right moment. We offer a hands-on, personal approach to our products. From customer care to the end - it's us who you speak to. Come chat to us in the water or via our socials - we love to share the same salty passion that brought you to read this far! Thanks for tuning in x