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Our Impact

As a young business we prioritise the expectations of our customers while upholding our own inherent values and demonstrating a strong commitment to social responsibility.

Our Commitment.

We firmly believe that sustainability and social consciousness should be seamlessly integrated into every facet of our business.

In an ever-changing world, we are determined to stay true to our commitments and choose to consciously keep learning. We strive to discover better practices and more efficient approaches as we evolve yet acknowledge that we won’t always get it right all of the time.

Thank you for joining and supporting us as we learn to make a positive impact for a more sustainable future.


The outer shell of our Surf hat is made from 100% recycled Nylon that is post-consumer. 

As we grow CORD & ROY aims to replace all other fabrics with recycled options and all plastic clips and buttons with Corozo, a 100% natural and sustainable button made from corn starch.

Seabin Foundation

We are proud to support Seabin Foundation as it enables us to give back to a cause we care about.

Seabin Foundation is committed to addressing the problem of ocean pollution, more specifically, plastics in the ocean. Through their initiative for thorough macro and microplastics Data analysis and Science backing them, Seabin Foundation works towards positively impacting the environment by strengthening our ongoing collective understanding and informing solutions.

$1 from every online purchase will be given to support Seabin Foundation.

You can learn more about Seabin Foundation here.

100% Pollastic Shipping bags.

We take pride in our commitment to sustainable packaging practices for our online orders. That's why we have chosen to use postage satchels from Better Packaging's Pollastic range. 

These waterproof shipping bags are made from recycled ocean-bound plastic pollution that has been collected from coastal communities in Southeast Asia with each mailer having a tracking number that traces the plastic back to its source. 

This initiative has an incredible positive social impact by providing a consistent source of income to these communities along with it helping clean up the local environment.

The mailers are made in a BSCI certified production facility and are carbon neutral with Better Packaging offsetting any carbon emission from this low energy production process. 

Recycled Card Packaging

We have chosen recycled paper and cardboard for all our hat labels and hang tags meaning these items do not contribute to global deforestation and can continue their life cycle by being recycled.

We’re more committed to sustainability